General Practitioner

So, you think you need medical treatment.

While we can’t stop you from doing so, we highly recommend that you don’t perform a self-diagnosis through Google.

At least, not without consulting a General Practitioner (GP) afterwards.


The doctor is in

A GP is the first step in receiving treatment for whatever medical issues you might have. Your GP is there for you to consult with and receive care from for any acute and chronic illnesses. If your GP is unable to treat you, you may be referred to a specialistic form of treatment in another facility, such as a hospital. We urge you to consult with your GP first, before seeking specialistic treatment.

You aren’t immediately appointed a general practitioner once you register and receive health insurance - you will have to register as a patient at your desired GP’s clinic. This can be difficult, not all GP’s are taking patients and some find themselves with long waiting lists of patients waiting to be accepted.

Things you should know

For you to receive aid, your GP needs to have a contract with your health insurance company. This is something that will be determined during the application process.

Regardless of your health insurance situation (please refer to our article Health Insurance), we suggest that you make finding a General Practitioner one of your priorities. If you’re looking for a GP in the vicinity of where you live, please use the site for a quick overview of any nearby general practitioners.

When looking for a GP, it is important to have an address that you’re registered at. Some GP’s require that you live in the same area in order to be allowed to register.

One thing to note about a General Practitioner; most of them work in private practice - this means that they do not operate from a medical facility, such as a hospital. Nevertheless, if you have health insurance, it will cover all consultations and calls with your GP and their clinic..

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