Finding a place

Looking for accommodation

You are a student, looking to study in the Netherlands, trying to find accommodation. It can be a big step – for some it will be the very first time they’ll be moving out of home!

You may or may not have heard that it’s not particularly easy to find accommodation. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a careful look at all of your options. We’ll be listing them for you below.

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Public housing and private housing

A public housing company is a government-owned company that provides housing at a price that most people can afford. A private housing company is not owned by the government and is free to decide what the prices for their apartments are.

Examples of public housing companies: Staedion, HaagWonen, WoonInvest

Examples of private housing companies: Duinzigt Wonen, 123Wonen, Rotsvast

Public housing companies often have services such as gas, electricity, water and internet included in the rent. Private housing companies do not provide this, meaning that you’ll be required to take out contracts for those services.

Student room

A lot of students and young adults start off with a student room. This is a form of housing where you’ll share certain facilities such as the kitchen, the shower and the toilet. Student rooms are available in student complexes that are made available by housing corporations.

The non-profit organisation DUWO offers student rooms in Delft, The Hague and Leiden. You can register yourself at the age of 16 and proceed to build up waiting credit (inschrijftijd). This will cost you €37, per eight years.


You won’t be sharing any facilities when living in an apartment of your own. This option is available for anyone when they reach the age of 18. Both public and private housing companies provide apartments.

Below the legal age

Dutch law states that you can’t sign any rental contracts when you’re under 18. There is an option that your parents sign it for you. An alternative would be that you start rooming with somebody who is 18 years, or older.

With a child

Student rooms or apartments do not allow children to live there.

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