Money talks

Good job! After going through the application process, you’ve landed yourself a part-time job. Congratulations!

Having a job means that you’ll have a lot more financial freedom and access to a very important thing called money. Seriously though, having a job is a good way to make sure that you’re financially stable.

But be careful, as soon as you’re employed and you start receiving your salary there are a few things you need to be aware of. Let’s break a couple of these important things down, shall we?

Income Tax

Finally, you secured the bag. It’s just that... you expected to have a bit more money than what’s in your bank account now, didn’t you? The culprit here is the income tax.

Income tax is a percentage of your salary that your employer has to pay to the Dutch tax office – de Belastingdienst. These taxes are used to pay for government services and utilities such as various forms of welfare and infrastructure, well as a variety of insurances which help preserve quality of life for you and everyone else in the country. This is mandatory and is the responsibility of your employer.

Each year, you have the opportunity to apply for a tax return. De Belastingdienst will then calculate whether you paid the correct amount, paid too little or paid too much. In case of having paid too much the amount will be returned to you. If you need help with understanding the procedure and the tax return form, feel free to come by JIP.

Health Insurance

Dutch law states that anybody that performs work under contract is required to take out Dutch health insurance. This is regardless of if you already have health insurance from your home EU-country and an EHIC card: .

If you’re wondering whether this applies to you and whatever specific circumstances you have, you can apply for an assessment at the SVB (Sociale Verzekeringsbank).

You can find a link to the SVB here:

The SVB will look into your situation and determine whether you’re required to take out a Dutch health insurance or not. Be aware that you only have to keep the health insurance as long as you’re working. Should you decide to quit working altogether, move back or study abroad for a year, you will be allowed to terminate your contract.

Rental and Health Care Benefits

Are you receiving rental and/or health care benefits? Make sure to change your monthly/yearly income on! Both rental and health care benefits are relative to your income, meaning that the amount of money you receive is determined by what your monthly income is! If you earn too much, you may no longer be eligible. In the event that you’re not eligible and you still receive any of the benefits, you’ll have to pay them back!

Student finance

If you’re in need of extra financial aid, for example to pay for your studies, you can apply for student finance. EU students are required to work a minimum of 56 hours a month and provide proof in the form of a contract – or in the case of 0-hour contracts, pay slips. Having a job guarantees eligibility for student finance, if you fail to meet the other requirements.

For more information, please see our student finance page. 

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    If you want to be sure if you're required to take out Dutch health insurance, or if you want proof that you are not required to take out Dutch health insurance,  have a WLZ assessment done by the SVB. A DigiD is not required.


    The site that allows access to the Dutch Tax Office's special portal to apply for health care benefits and rental benefits.

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