Student Life Hacks

You all know the stereotypes of student life being that one period where you develop an uncomfortably close relationship with cup ramen. Let’s help you dodge that particular bullet by providing you some life hacks.

App: Too Good To Go

This is an app which is meant to help combat the massive waste of food by restaurants. It’s very simple; you download the app, create an account and then you receive an overview of restaurants that have left over food. This ranges from breakfast to snacks or even full meals, all at a reduced price. All you have to do is reserve the meal and proceed to visit the restaurant to pick it up. A wonderful solution to wanting to enjoy the diversity of food in The Hague and save money!

Utility: Bonuskaart

One of The Netherlands’ biggest supermarkets, Albert Heijn, provides a discount card called De Bonuskaart. You can receive one for free at every cash counter at the Albert Heijn and proceed to scan it to receive discounts and special offers. This only works in Albert Heijn supermarkets.

Utility: International Student Identity Card

An ISIC Card is a (digital) card that gives access to hundreds of amazing benefits and offers. Think of a hefty discount for your Spotify plan, a much cheaper Adobe Creative Suite and reduced prices when traveling with a FlixBus. An ISIC card gives access to a large collection of discounts which have amazing educational and recreational value.

App: Knaek

Another solution to eat food and save money. Knaek is an app designed for students where – similar to ISIC – they can receive hefty discounts on all kinds of stuff such as food or even movie tickets. This does cost a one time fee of €15,-.

App: Tikkie (only works with Dutch bank accounts)

An easier way to transfer money to somebody’s account after you went out for dinner or a night of drinking. Tikkie sends a payment request, either through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other social media apps. All the other person has to do it verify it, allowing you to receive the money immediately.

App: WieBetaaltWat

It can be difficult to determine what needs to be paid to whom when going out as a group. This particular app helps you keep track of all expenses and then distribute them later on so that everybody can receive the money for their contributions back.

Service: StudentFix

A startup company located in The Hague’s city center that provides cheap and high-quality repairs of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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